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My visit to the Congo was doing a time of war in the Eastern Region of the country, Nov.-Dec. 2008, I was over a thousand miles away in the Western Region in Kinshasa. As with any metropolitan City it is crowded and very busy day and night. Kinshasa has approx. 8 million people living there. They have thousands of children some orphans but most are throw away from their families, accused of being witches and thrown out in the streets. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to a vast potential of natural resources and mineral wealth. Nevertheless, the D.R.C. is one of the poorest countries in the world, with per capita annual income of about $300 in 2007. This is the result of years of mismanagement, corruption, and war.The population of D.R.C. was estimated at 66 million in 2008. As many as 250 ethnic groups have been distinguished and named. Some of the larger groups are the Kongo, Luba, and Anamongo. Although 700 local languages and dialects are spoken, the linguistic variety is bridged both by the use of French and the intermediary languages Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili, and Lingala. About 70% of the Congolese population is Christian, predominantly Roman Catholic. Most of the non-Christians adhere to either traditional religions or syncretic sects. Traditional religions include concepts such as monotheism, animism, vitalism, spirit and ancestor worship, witchcraft, and sorcery and vary widely among ethnic groups; none is formalized. The syncretic sects often merge Christianity with traditional beliefs and rituals. The most popular of these sects, Kimbanguism, was seen as a threat to the colonial regime and was banned by the Belgians. Kimbanguism, officially "the church of Christ on Earth by the prophet Simon Kimbangu," now claims about 3 million members, primarily among the Bakongo tribe of Bas-Congo and Kinshasa. In 1969, it was the first independent African church admitted to the World Council of Churches.Before independence in 1960, education was largely in the hands of religious groups. The primary school system was well developed at independence; however, the secondary school system was limited, and higher education was almost nonexistent in most regions of the country. The principal objective of this system was to train low-level administrators and clerks. Since independence, efforts have been made to increase access to education, and secondary and higher education have been made available to many more Congolese. According to estimates made in 2000, 41.7% of the population had no schooling, 42.2% had primary schooling, 15.4% had secondary schooling, and 0.7% had university schooling. At all levels of education, males greatly outnumber females. The largest state-run universities are the University of Kinshasa, the University of Lubumbashi, and the University of Kisangani. The elite continue to send their children abroad to be educated, primarily in Western Europe.


The area known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo was populated as early as 10,000 years ago and settled in the 7th and 8th centuries A.D. by Bantus from present-day Nigeria. This territory was inhabited by ancient Negrito peoples called Pygmies who were pushed into the mountains by Bantu and Nilotic invaders. The area was officially colonized in 1885 as a personal possession of Belgian King Leopold II as the Congo Free State. Leopold 's administration killed over 10 million Congolese and mutilated millions of children's, hands. In 1907, administration shifted to the Belgian Government, which renamed the country the Belgian Congo. Following a series of riots and unrest, the Belgian Congo was granted its independence on June 30, 1960. Parliamentary elections in 1960 produced Patrice Lumumba as prime minister and Joseph Kasavubu as president of the renamed Democratic Republic of the Congo.Presently some 45,000 people die each month in Congo as the world's deadliest humanitarian crisis continues unabated; the vast majority of deaths were from non-violent causes, such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia or malnutrition, the report said. Outbreaks of easily treatable diseases like measles and whooping cough have been a major killer of children in Congo. The International Rescue Committee said preventable diseases and starvation aggravated by conflict have claimed 5.4 million lives since the beginning of the second Congo war in 1998.

As a Missionary I noticed the disrespect in the House of the Lord doing worship services, I stressed over and over of this total disregard of church protocol in the Lord's House. There is work to be done in The Congo and teaching the percepts of God's Word to them. The Pygmies Village need help in all phases, a church building and bibles, and teaching materials. The Pygmies are discriminated against totally they have no housing, schools, medical clinics, jobs, clean water, etc. they need help badly. They stressed to me that there are many others I did not see who are in worse condition them they are in living in the forest.

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First vice community pastor, KASONGO BANYAKWA

Second Vice community Pastor, MULOBA MUSAMBYA


All Those divisions  working  in National, Provincial, District and in local  church:

We have 65 churches ,  4 Community Pastors in National , 12 Community Pastors in Provincial ( 4 Pastors x 3 Provinces ) ,  9 Districts  x 4 leaders = 36 district leaders .

Executive Secretary



  • - Albert MUKUTA


 9 persons as in National


9 persons as in Provincial

LOCAL CHURCH(in every )

  • - Pastor
  • - Ancients
  • - Evangelists
  • - Deacons


  • - Evangelisation
  • - Diaconia - Development
  • - Wife, Children and Familly
  • - Education
  • - Health
  • - Humanitarian and social service

All Those divisions working  in national, provincial, districtand in local church.


N.B. telephone connexion is only in the towns not in territory and very expensive for a pastor of our  ministry 

South - Kivu  Province

  • A. UVIRA AXIS (frontier zone with the Republic of Burundi )
  • - LEMERA local Church : Pastor = Ishamaka Shekatole
  • - SANGE local church : Pastor = Welongo Mcwe Wengwe
  • - KILIBA local church : Pastor = Mosi kasindi
  • - KILIBA local church - sucrerie : Pastor = Katimba Masumbuko
  • - RUNINGU church: : Pastor = Basilwango Kijana
  • - UVIRA church - Kiyaya : Pastor = Kirama Esube
  • - UVIRA church - Kasenga : Pastor = Mwenebulunda Kyalemenaninwa,

BARAKA AXIS (frontier zone with Tanzania )

  • - Baraka Local church : Bikela Nathanael,
  • - Bwala local church : Mwenyemali asumbile
  • - Kalunja local church : Etsha Waombe
  • - Sebele : Mwechekwa dunia
  • - Kalele : Ndebo Iyongo                                             

BUKAVU  AXIS  (town )

- Ibanda commune

8 churches -  name of pastors -  

- Pajeco local church : Makindu Zephon,

- La botte local church: jackson Ilundu,

- Nyawera local church: Ciza Murula,

- Smirne local church: Byaombe Kadura,

  • - Panzi local church: Nindi wandjo,
  • - Chai local church: Mulyanga Mugobe,
  • - Camp Ngambo local church : Takisi Kibasomba,
  • - Muhungu local church : Kitoga Kabumbanyungu,

-Kadutu commune

2 churches    -    name of pastors   -    

Bugabo church   :  Birindwa Elie

Nyamugo church :  Kyembwa  Pataoli



churches    -    name of pastors   -     


- Kaluliza local  church      :   Gilbert Bisimwa :   

- Bushwira local  church    :    Mbasha innocent

-   Tchirambo local  church  - Ninja district      :   Rubeni mastaki

  • - Tchironge local church - ninja : Basinyize Mataratara
  • - Miranda local church - Ninja : Bisimwa Nkubonage
  • - Lubimbe local church - Ninja : Bonane Kakoyi
  • - Nyatesa local church - Kalonge district : Mochire Baunde
  • - Kafumo local church - Kalonge district : Lupara Mochire
  • - Balumbu local church - Kalonge district : Kuombire Enamakala
  • - Bunyakiri local church : Bware Muchika
  • - Hombo local church : Mechac Bayaya Yombo


churches    -    name of pastors   -   

Two churches (kibandamangobo et  kabukuchu )

Kibandamangobo      -    Masamba  Kituki

Kabukuchu                -    Nyumbasete Karha



churches  21  -    name of pastors   -    

Kasika local church -  Kakobanya Bulambo

Nambo local church  -  Mendile kabiona

 Isopo local church -  Kyanga mweswa

Nyabalume local church  -  Mutimanwa Michel

 Butezi local church  -   Busilana  joseph

Mwenga (3 local churches ) :

Mwenga  Busawa,  Kitima  Kashinginyi

Mwenga  Butimba,   Mitashi  Munembwe

Mwenga  Bulinzi,  Wangendo  Mawaska

 Muzombo local church,   Munyololo  lutonde

 Sungwe local church,    Kyalemaninwa  Nico

 Kamituga (4 local churches ) :

Kamituga  katunga,  Clement Lubalika

Kamituga  Kele,   Itongwa  Richard

Kamituga centre, Antoine Balibanga

Kamituga  Kabukungu,  Mateso Walubila

 Bigombe local church,   Yeremia  Wakilongo

Kibe local church,  Watongoka  Kibingila

 Kitutu (two local churches ) :

Lubila local Church :  Mwitwa  Kaluka

Kakolokelwa Local church,    Masumbuko  Mwogekwa

 Mbelekelo local church   :   Wabenga  Tubondje

Zibo local church,                 Dieu - donné Mumenenwa

 Kasaga local church :           Parapanda Uwezo



churches    -    name of  pastors   -    

Two local  churches (mayimingi   and  Mulanga ) :

 Shabunda  centre,    Kika Kisamba

Shabunda  Mulungu   ;     Lukeka Machi amena


North - Kivu  Province

churches    -    name of  pastors   -    

Himbi local church,  Patick fadhili,                    

Mabanga local church,   Assumani  Bukenenge, 

Birere local church,    Makindu  Wandjo,             

3 local churches  in  GOMA (town ) :  3  pastors, 



churches    -    name of  pastors   -    

Four Churches

-   Kintambo cimetière,    Bienvenue Lisongo,                

- Camps Luka, Alfredo Ngaki kasula,

  • - Temple de victoire (victory temple ), pierre Kasololo, 
  • -  Ngaliema, babingwa Mikalano,                                


We have a total of approximately 6.000 members in these 65 churches


All member want to have a bible : 6.000 bibles (in swahili  for majority in the East and Lingala - french for Kinshasa ).

The coast  of   bible is  10 $  in territory 15 $  or congolese  earn  with difficulty  0.5 $ /day .



We begin our ministry  by a missionnary action from his Excellency  Bishop  FRANCIS MASESE from KENYA . we  have  no assistance.

 In the town as  KINSHASA , BUKAVU and GOMA we rent  houses  and in territory we use  trees  and  herbs to built churches ( see pictures  in attach )   . 

we need to  build ( construct )  churches  every where we are localized  .


  • We ask accompaniment from SOGM


Yes we have space every where we are localized to build all unity of projects on the same grounds .



We  are in the KIVU province damaged of  DRC.  North Kivu and  South Kivu   was  proclamed  last weeks  disaster area  because since 1960  till to day we are in succesives wars  who destroy  Schools , hospital , commercial building , and  churches .  Recently  the  3 / 02/ 08 , a  very bad  earthquake  destroy  5.000 houses , schools  and hospitals in Bukavu ( South Kivu ) and people died  . We have to day  900.000

( nine hundred thousands)  displaced persons of war  only in Nord -Kivu  in bad situation .  We have a  number of  orphans , desperate children  in towns , raped woman , disabled who are physically handicapped  and  widowed woman  without assistance .  Every day we are victims of violations of human right, economic  and social injustice. Majority of people because of wars isn't worth his keep.  We have a need of bible school for me and all pastors , evangelists , deacons and ancients .



I was called when I was young man (12 years  ) because my  father is  Christian  of  pentecostist denomination from Norway  . Today I 'am working as a man  of God. I praise the Lord for his grace to choose me  who is a little wretch .  My God is beautiful.


Our mission is to serve  every person in local church (area)  in integrality ( materially and spiritually ) via  our divisions :

-      Evangelization

  • - Diaconia - development - Justice and Peace Commission
  • - Education
  • - Health
  • - Wife, children and familly
  • - Humanitarian and social service

By our Community Development Office ( in french Bureau de developpement communautaire) and Justice and Peace Commission we sensitize  and organize people to :

Set up  economics projects  and  labour  for  a welfare  in the world  as christian.

- protect and promote human right , democracy , peace and governance ,

  • - Protect and promote environment, water and cleansing,
  • - Set up faming to produce agriculture show,
  • - To promote accomodation ( habitat)
  • - To promote information and building capacity


My wife is KABARA MUGOBE she is Informatician  .

We have six children  (5 boys and lthe last one is a girl )

The elder Mister Lungele Kisalima  ( 18 years )  begin  this season university  study in the University of Kinshasa  ( agronomy ) .

 Please See my picture with members in Kintambo church - Kinshasa  and my wife with her computer .

Jules Lwesso

Community Pastor

God Is Our Help Revival & Holding Centre

Ejisu, Ghana

Pastor, Appiah Rita

We are fifteen people in the church and the seventeen people go to their church but they come for their needs like getting healings, helping them to solve their problems, feeding them, etcs. Please you can add a lot of the bibles because the villages I went, more people want to come but because of the place I don't have enough room to hold them.

I need a new church building because the work is broad I use to go to out reach for about five years, only last year I beginning the church, even on 28th  November, 2007  I went to out reach and I came at the day I called you on the phone. For the Lord who told me to call you when I arrive to my town he show it in a dream to one of the members who went with and the prophecy to me from one person whom have the faith that is their holy ghost whom is working.

I use my single room for the church at the same time the sick ones sleep there. My mother gave me a small potion of the land beside the house so now I beginning to build church with wood and the place the sick ones will sleep. I do the work from the bottom of my heart because is for my Father who is in heaven.

 My personal testimony is that, I try to go to Roman Catholic sister and I saw something wrong in it then I stop it. Since I was a child at the time I can read the bible always love God, in secondarily school, I use to read the bible more then my books. In 1999 I lost the way when I do good I use my money to help my family and others, they  treat me bad, So I broke my virginity to seduce and do other life but because I fear God I couldn't continued my life like that anymore. At 23/3/2000, my madam put me in an airplane and when I was coming the plane get stop in Mediterranean Sea for about two to three hours but only one thing I said at the time my bible is on my side. God help us if not I have nobody. I try to travel again and God help us if not I have nobody. I try to travel again and God told me they will use me I know how the works for that reason I was afraid and he told me I cannot do it, then I said, you are righteous, truthful, lovely, and merciful shepherd how can I do this lean on me as Jesus Christ did.

He pass through a woman who never go to school for me to read Isaiah 42:1 when I was reading the bible at noon then I feel asleep then I woke up I saw Math 12:14-21.He brought me a lady whom has demonic attack with madness, fit disease and drunk so my God told me if I fight the good fight I can win everywhere I go if I lose I will loose everywhere I go and if I walk before him perfectly he will make me a nation and he will be my God. Since then he uses me.

My ministry is helping others in the entire 12 apostle, but I'm taking care about 8 people

I'm not marry, no child, I'm thirty years old and also everything you ask me in the servants of God I will do I cannot lie, not charge the people, even the sick ones can come without anything I take over the person for about four month with my own money. I can't say a lot only is my witness so let us work together and see the truth God be with you may he protect you in Jesus name Amen.

Rita Appiah.



Tanzania, East Africa

Andrew Mdoe, Pastor

P.o. Box 78784, Dar Es Salaam

I am glad to introduce to you our ministry known as GOD'S BLESSINGS CHURCH- PENTECOST. This ministry started here in Tanzania in September 2006 after hearing the voice of God calling me from Iringa, one of the big towns in Tanzania found 600 kilometers from Dar es Salaam where I am ministering now. My wife and I believed God in this calling though it needed a very big faith and grace of God because a place is very primitive. Until this time we believe in God to supply everything and God is good to us. The ministry started at a place dominated by Muslim and it has not yet been registered due to some bureaucracies.

At the beginning, I started with 8 people including my family i.e. me, my wife Joyce, and our three children namely Joshua, Gideon and Rosemary. Unfortunately, our first born Joshua passed away in October 2006. This was the most difficult time to us because as we were surrounded by Muslims we didn't have anybody to encourage us. Eventually, our ministry remained with 7 members.

Up to now we are 35 members.


Spiritually, we need to reach the unreached groups all over the country.

Socially, we plan to help the poor people especially in the rural areas. This includes sick people admitted to hospitals, widows, orphans, etc.

In the future, we have a plan to build orphans centre, where we will provide education and health services more efficiently to them.


We have managed to plant 7 churches in 4 different regions among the 26 regions in Tanzania which we have to cover.

Distance from the centre (Dar es Salaam) to the new churches is as follows:

Region         Town          Pastors' Name         Distance
1. Iringa         Kongowe    Daniel Mbasy           540 km
2. Kilimanjaro   Tae           Elisante E. Mlemba   530 km
3. Kilimanjaro   Bangalala   Stanley E. Msemo     520 km
4. Kilimanjaro   Maji Chome Steve S. Kikala        528 km
5. Kilimanjaro   Mteke        Ibrahim Mrutu          525 km

Up to now we have managed to buy 4 pieces of land for church buildings for the new churches in the rural areas.

In Dar es Salaam, the centre of the ministry; we have not being able to buy a piece of land due to high costs. Instead, we have rented a house for pastor which is also used for fellowship. (Seen the attached photo which shows some of the church members and the place where we worship in Dar es Salaam). We use a tent since a place is an open area, and is where also I live with my family. Rental per month sums to $150.

Jesus has enabled us to win 150 souls in both Dar es Salaam and in rural areas.

We have been able to support born again Christians who were homeless and needy because they were rejected by their families. We have been able to visit orphans and sick people in hospitals several times, praying with them especially those who are HIV positive and other deadly diseases. We visit orphans several times and provide them with basic needs.


  1. To build a centre; this will comprise a church building, pastor's house and an office.
  2. To have music instruments for gospel and praise and worship services.
  3. To have our own transport for reaching distant churches.
  4. To build a large center for the orphans who will include school and a hospital of which, already we have 5 acres of land for that purpose.

Lastly, we would like to invite you so that you may witness all that we have written and because we haven't managed to write down everything and mention all necessary issues concerning our ministry. It is our great thirst to be visited by you and we will be glad if, specifically you will consider us in your visit to Africa in August. If this will be acceptable, we will organize a seminar for pastors, church leaders and the whole church in general where you can find time to service for us. This seminar will be non denomination.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Pastors Andrew & Joyce Mdoe