Comments From The Crusade 2008

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Comments from Crusade in Kisii, Kenya and Tanzania 2008

(In their own words)

Pastor  Hezekiah Onchoke,

"We thank God for all He did through you in the conference and crusade.  Personally and some of my church members who came were blessed and they said you are a real woman of God. They saw how you fear and honor God through your teachings and testimonies. May you be blessed."

Rev. Francis Rakamba,

"We thank our almighty father through you and your work you did here in Kenya mostly, kisii and Tanzania, God may bless you richly.

Your coming to Kenya has made those elders sweat pride, it is their first time to see their grandchild coming to their main home since you were taken to  America for slaves but they are believing through our living father who gives life is going to bless their grandchild. They gave that land for you to build a hostel for your visitors when they come.

Thank you for the donation you gave it assisted to buy those pupils food we all said thanks. God may bless you richly."

Pastor Zablon Onkundi Ombori;

"I believe that God is going to do wonders for you as the you did in Tanzania, people there have already sent to you a message for that good work. It was a very good work in Tanzania and many people were saved.

When you were there 14 people were saved, when I return back the attendants of the crusade decided to come to Jesus after knowing there sins. When I was with then in the church last Sunday 27 people repent to their sins and decided to join our church through your preaching in that crusade, they remember your teachings. When I was in the church last week there was A member from Musoma who understood your preaching, he came to our church and wanted to join us through your preaching you preached in Tanzania, he said that he wanted me to go there and open a church of God there.

"I went to church members thanks you for what you have done for them especially the woman whom I take to his house after services who told you that she was for 3 months sick when you pray for her she believe to God she is now going well and she was in the church yesterday she thank you for your prayer and it was miracle for that day even yesterday I received 14 members who attend the church yesterday.

 (3 weeks later)

 "Dear Sister the work of God in Africa is expanded since you came people are very eagerly with the word of God now as they understand your teachings they are now moving there and they open churches infact am not  staying at home now because the work is expanded faster even now I'm in Muhuru Bay which is in Migori District near the border were I told that I have three churches I'm there now to teach the ministry of SOGM as how we are moving I know God is going to make wonders through your teachings in Africa."

Pastor Thomas Maranga;

"I am the one of those who listened to the teachings. Me and my wife and at least it has really helped me alot. We were blessed very much with the teachings, also may the Lord bless you alot for it, it is our humble prayer as a church we want God to give you time so that you may take care of us through the Holy Spirit."

Mother Sophia Manenga;

"I would like to thank God for what He has started in Kenya. This is the beginning women conference but I know God is going to do something. We want to start preparation now for next year 2009. I have received many reports from women in different churches those who attended the conference that they were blessed with the message which you delivered to them. Pass our warm greetings to your friends who stood with you to this mission work."

Pastor Charles Juma;

"The seminar you taught us was wonderful, since that time the servants of God has lesson on the way to teach others. Ministry started in our region to teach our pastors. We meet 14 Pastors for that teachings. Every Sunday every pastor goes to teach to his church on how he was taught by the Servant of God. If you come to Kenya four times the pastors and followers in our church will be refreshed by the word of God. We meet every Friday because that day pastors from all different church and leaders .

(2 weeeks later)

 "We  ask God to open  crusades in Rongo and Kisii. Rongo crusade we will do it in the Reserve where there will be many people, here we will meet with those who are not yet saved because they are hidden in the reserve. "

Brother Micah Ogaro;

"I greet you in Jesus name I am Mike from Kisii Kenya -a keyboard player in Agape Restoration Centre under pastor Liston. I actually want to tell you that I was much touched and moved by your teachings. I am spiritually getting fat through the application of the same. I therefore send my sincere thanks to you and pray for you as I request you to pray for me also so that I can be firm in the ministry for I feel like preaching the gospel and encourage the less fortunate through the word of God."

Pastor Isaiah Michira;

"Receive much greetings from my church Omote Baptist Church and thanks again for the good conference you shared with our colleague pastors. We gained much as Servant of God Ministry. I also give much thanks for your friends who enabled you to come here in Kenya for the conference. May God bless them as they are serving the Lord.  I give much thanks for the lessons you have sent to me. I have downloaded them and am going to distribute them to my church members.

Pastor Isaac Kelegwa Jasto;

"The teachings and sermons you presented are still vivid in our hearts. Churches are benefiting and growing spiritually as a result; again I am humbled with the things that God is doing in my life through your coming.  I cannot forget the difficulties we encountered at the border and how it rained on me on foot back home but thank God for the tender care."

"Praise God for what He is doing in your heart. Africa is large and need committed servants of God like you. We were lost and left far apart but have been brought back and spiritually restored through your SOGM."

Pastor Richard Nyakundi Kerandi;

"God Bless you for your effort you made to come to Kisii, Kenya here and share with us the Goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church Family and my family they Love you and They are praying for you in Lord Jesus."

Pastor Athanus Matoke;

"Thank you for the work you did (Crusade) here, as l can see harvesting is going on now.  Be blessed for the good work that God put on your heart.  May God continue blessing you.  Please, the problem which has faced us, is that we don't have iron sheets to complete the church, if you have any friend whom you talk with to assist us. "

Pastor Jackson;

"Sister let's take this golden opportunity to thank God for the wonderful crusade you did here in Kenya and Tanzania I want to ensure you that our woman who attended the conference from our church has used what they get for bringing more than eight people to Jesus Christ which never came their before it was good teaching that many people interested."

Rev. Richard and Winona  Ombiri;

"I am so thrilled and comforted by the way you share your encouraging words and means with us. It is indeed a heart building gesture to have the Lord's hearts who weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice (Rom. 12:15) you are so wonderful, honest and special to us. In my life I never knew that one day I would have that wonderful privilege of knowing my God better through friends like you Sister Rosa.

Because we can not catch fish in a kitchen sink, we have go where the fish are by having partnership with one another in giving, prayer approving our missionaries like you. I was very happy for your wonderful and anointing preaching during the conference here."

Pastor Joash Ndiegi;

"The gospel that you preached in Tanzania reached our members. They were happy with it. They are therefore requesting whether you can come back to Tanzania? They are requesting that incase it is possible you can tell them to arrange another convention for you to reach the ones who have never met you."

Bishop Liston Manenga;

" I would like to thank my God what He did for our missionary Rosa Harrison to be here in Kenya and Tanzania for the conference. Would like to thank those who were saved they were 26 and the number is adding the church.

 I pray that the lord will direct us in all steps that we are going a head in this ministry. Surely Sister as the lord has directed you for the SOGM to have representatives in every province in Kenya, This too what the lord had spoken to me about and also in having representatives in every district in Kenya.

 I have a pastor from Uganda that has been in contact with me about the SOGM and he wants me to visit him, and I am planning to Visiting Uganda. We are praying for the Land and Bible College for the lord to bring it to pass.